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Reclaimed Oak Projects

Newest projects built from sawmill reclaimed oak

Reclaimed wooden benches, a big dining table and desk.

2012-11-23 10.06.24

2012-11-23 10.05.52

2012-11-23 10.04.48


A classic Shaker bench made for my wife for Christmas







2012-12-06 08.26.58

2012-12-06 08.21.33

A large dining table and benches to seat the entire extended family for dinner. Made from donage that was used to haul pipe on the train from back east.

2012-12-06 08.21.16

2012-12-06 08.20.50

2012-12-06 08.20.38

2012-12-05 17.55.10

2012-12-05 17.54.38

2012-11-29 20.59.37

2012-11-23 10.06.40

Timberking B-20 Sawmill our newest upgrade to the business

We are exited, we just drove 1400 miles to Portland and picked up our newest mill a Timberking B-20 with only 160 hours on it. It will saw up to 20′ long logs and is completely hydraulic.


Timberking b-20

Timberking b-20

photo (2)

photo (3)

Winter sawmill

Winter Portable Sawmill

Sawing oak logs into cabin siding.

2013-01-08 09.07.54

Sawing poplar logs into 2 x 8 planks.Winter Portable Sawmill

2013-01-08 16.56.52


Oak beams being sawed into log exterior for a cabin at bear Lake.2013-01-08 16.56.38

2013-01-08 12.58.20

2013-01-08 12.57.21

2013-01-08 12.57.16

2013-01-08 12.57.12

2013-01-08 12.57.10

2013-01-08 12.56.58

2013-01-08 12.56.56

2013-01-08 12.27.46


My Cute Grandson James coming out to see his Dad working

2013-01-08 12.27.33Sawing lots of oak all winter long


Sawing and Building Log Benches with a portable sawmill

I just finished sawing log pole trees in half for Calvin in Providence Utah. He builds some beautiful benches and I had him send me some pictures so that we could show them off here at the site.

Log benches made with a portable sawmill

Building a Bunkhouse with a Timberking 1600 portable sawmill.

bunkhouse plans picture

We built a nice bunkhouse up at our cabin in the Uinta Mountains south of Evanston Wyoming

We used log pole pines that are beetle killed and harvested most of the wood right near the cabin. We just cut 2 x 4s and framed it up and then cut slabs for the siding.

It is 12 x 16 and took us a couple of weekends to build here are some pictures.

I drew the plans for this bunkhouse, you can download the plans at our website