Sawing Rates

$60.00 per hour

With a completely hydraulic mill we are more productive than other mills that can’t load or turn the lumber. Allowing us to saw more lumber in a shorter amount of time.

We also charge for damaged blades because of rocks or metal in the wood $35 for destroyed blade or $20 if it just needs resharpened.

Travel Rates

$1.00 per mile and $25 per hour or drop off your wood at our place to save travel expense

Kiln Drying Rates

$0.50 per board foot – usually 30 days will get a 1″ board down to 5% Moisture

Planer and Jointer Rates

$0.25 per board foot or hourly depending on the project.

We also do custom cabinetry and mill-work. We can build custom projects from your favorite tree.

Custom Cabinets and Millwork

We are high end custom wood workers. John has been building furniture for over 30 years and and Andrew is a contractor who specializes in high end finish work. We can build custom items out of your wood.

Equipment Rental Rates

Skid Steer Rental $100 per day

10 x 16 Dump trailer $75 Per Day

Check out more pictures

Timberking b20 Sawmills in action

2 Comments to Pricing

  1. Craig McGregor says:

    I have several juniper logs about 8 feet long, cut one year ago, partially dry. Could I bring them to you sometime to be sawed? Is ther a best time? I would also be interested in having them dried. Thank you.
    Craig McGregor
    Thatcher, Idaho
    208 427 6668

    • sdscad says:

      I just read your post on the website. we have the logs all sawed and they are in the kiln drying. They should take a couple more weeks to be dry. They were at about 20% when we put them in and I checked them a couple days ago and they are under 10%

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