Sawmill 4 Hire

145 South 380 East

Mendon Utah 84325


Andrew Davidson 1-435-770-6824

email Davidson-67

John Davidson 1-435-760-1385


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  1. Philip Nelson says:

    I am interested finding out how big of a log you can work with. I have a maple log about 8 feet long and had a diameter of at least 30 inches, possibly a bit larger in some spots. Is that something you could deal with?

    • sdscad says:

      The mouth of the mill is 26″ wide. We can do a little taller if the tree is oblong. I have a really big chain saw that I can trim the side of the log down to the 26″ if needed. We can also do logs up to 20′ long.

  2. Mark Oakey says:

    I have 8ea 30 foot telephone poles. I would like to get them ripped in half. Can you handle 30′, and also trying to figure this into budget, any idea as how long this would take, @ $60 per hour?

    Thank you,


    • sdscad says:

      Mark, sorry for the slow response. I didn’t see your question until now. We can only handle up to 20′ long poles. If we were only ripping them in half it would probably take a couple hours. It takes longer to load them off and on the mill than it takes to cut them.

  3. Mary Jo Davis says:

    Do you make wood fuel pellets?

  4. Tim says:

    What are your hours for the lumber area?

    • sdscad says:

      We are available most Thurs, Fri and Saturdays as well as Most evenings. Just give a a call and we can let you know when we are available. 1-435-770-6824

  5. Ashley says:

    I have a set of logs 20″ in diameter I want cut into cookies. Can you do that?

  6. Rick says:

    Would you happen to sell plum burl? If so I would love to puchase a few to turn a few bowls

  7. Jamie says:

    Looking for black walnut planks.14 to 16 inches wide 14 ft long 1.5 to 2 inch thick with live edge. Making a counter top. If you have that how much would it be?

    • sawmill4hire says:

      I don’t have any walnut that is 14 ft long. I have several chunks but nothing that would work for a countertop. I have several walnut logs waiting to be cut, but then they would need to be dried in order to be used. Call me if you are interested in that option 435-770-6824.

    • scott mcclendon says:

      I have a live black walnut tree that I’m trying to sell that’s in Millville that may work for you. it would need to be cut down.

      give me a call 801-403-3460

  8. Skip Bellock says:

    Any chance of coming up to see what you have? How can I make arrangements to see what you have.

    • sdscad says:

      Friday’s or Saturday’s are best or evenings but call we come and go as we are building houses and can meet you if we arrange before hand 435-770-6824

  9. Mark says:

    Do you have a price range on your pieces for turning, including the burls? Can I come buy a few pieces or do I need to buy in bulk?

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