Sawmill 4 Hire

145 South 380 East

Mendon Utah 84325


Andrew Davidson 1-435-770-6824

email Davidson-67

John Davidson 1-435-760-1385


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  1. Philip Nelson says:

    I am interested finding out how big of a log you can work with. I have a maple log about 8 feet long and had a diameter of at least 30 inches, possibly a bit larger in some spots. Is that something you could deal with?

    • sdscad says:

      The mouth of the mill is 26″ wide. We can do a little taller if the tree is oblong. I have a really big chain saw that I can trim the side of the log down to the 26″ if needed. We can also do logs up to 20′ long.

  2. Mark Oakey says:

    I have 8ea 30 foot telephone poles. I would like to get them ripped in half. Can you handle 30′, and also trying to figure this into budget, any idea as how long this would take, @ $60 per hour?

    Thank you,


    • sdscad says:

      Mark, sorry for the slow response. I didn’t see your question until now. We can only handle up to 20′ long poles. If we were only ripping them in half it would probably take a couple hours. It takes longer to load them off and on the mill than it takes to cut them.

  3. Mary Jo Davis says:

    Do you make wood fuel pellets?

  4. Tim says:

    What are your hours for the lumber area?

    • sdscad says:

      We are available most Thurs, Fri and Saturdays as well as Most evenings. Just give a a call and we can let you know when we are available. 1-435-770-6824

  5. Ashley says:

    I have a set of logs 20″ in diameter I want cut into cookies. Can you do that?

  6. Rick says:

    Would you happen to sell plum burl? If so I would love to puchase a few to turn a few bowls

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